Keloni Kamalani




Keloni Kamalani runs the ball from the 16 yard line during the KSM vs. St. Anthony game.

Name: Keloni Kamalani
Parents: David Kamalani & Shawndelle Kamalani
Hometown: Kihei, Maui

Height:            5’11”               Weight:           205

          High School:
              -  J.V. & Varsity Football
                  - RB, LB, PR, KR,
              -  Wrestling
              -  Track & Field
Extra-curricular Activities: 
              -  Boy Scouts of America
Community Service:
              -  Coaching wrestling
              -  Relay for Life volunteer

GPA: 2.95

Academy: Business Management

College Plans: Attend the University of Oregon and play football

Awards and Achievements:


          - M.I.L. All-Star Junior
            - M.I.L. All-Star Sophomore Wrestling
            - BYU RB award
            - U of O LB Award


            - Honor Roll

Most Important Value of being on a team and why:

            "The most important thing would be trust and love. As a team everyone should work towards being really close and like a family and to do so their needs to be a sense of trust within the team. Love is needed so that everyone can get along and also for the love of the game to accomplish the highest that can be achieved."

What do you have to offer a team and what do you think is your strongest trait?

             "I think i offer teams an athlete with great heart or someone who will work hard to be the best. I personally think my strongest trait is not being scared, because I'm not the biggest i step up to the plate no matter what the situation, I always try to do my best!"