Kupono Hong






Kupono Hong (44) attempts to retrieve a fumbled ball during the KSM vs. LHS game along with teammate Ethan Cabatingan (84)






Kupono Hong (at right) and Ethan Cabatingan try to get pass LHS to tackle LHS ball carrier

Name: Kupono Hong
Parents: Mark Hong & Kimberly Hue-Sing
Hometown: Wailuku, Maui

Height:  5’11”            Weight:           240

            High School:
               -  Varsity Soccer
               -  Varsity Football
               - Club Soccer – Maui United Hurricanes

Extra-curricular Activities:
            Community Service:
               -  AYSO Referee
               - Soccer Referee

GPA: 2.7

Academy: Business Management

College Plans: Attend Humboldt State University in California and play football

Awards and Achievements:

            -  Soccer All-Stars (Sophomore and Junior year)
            -  MIL football All stars
                -  1st team 2009
                -  2nd team 2008
Most Important Value of being on a team and why:

                "Synergy, no matter what happens, you have to have each others back."

What do you have to offer a team?
                "Guidance and leadership by making the right decisions, on and off the field"