Nanea Cavaco


Nanea Cavaco (far right) watches as teammate Cymbree Decosta (3) attempts to block LHS shot during the Jan. 31 game.


Nanea Cavaco (right) guards LHS player while Kai Duarte (15) assits her at her side.

Name: Nanea Cavaco
Parents: John Cavaco and Kehau Luuwai
Hometown: Paukukalo, Wailuku

Height: 5' 2"       Weight: 126

            High School: 
               -  JV volleyball
               -  JV basketball
               -  Varsity basketball
               -  Maui North Shore Volleyball Club

Extra-curricular Activities:
            Community Service: 
               -  National Honor Society
               -  Deputation Team
               -  Chairperson for Maui All Youth Relay for Life
               -  Hawaiian Ensemble
               -  Oh My Globe Club

GPA: 3.96

Academy: Science and Natural Resources: Health Endorsement

College Plans: I'm not sure where I'm going, but I got into Seattle University, Creighton University, Whitworth University and UH Manoa (still waiting on University of Washington).  I plan to major in biology in order to prepare myself for medical school.  In the end, the school that my family and I can afford will probably be the college I attend.

Awards and Achievements:
              -  JV basketball - 18 and 0 (preseason, season, and postseason)
              -  Headmaster's List (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year)
              -  Kuleana, Aloha, Imi Naauao, Ike Pono awards

Most Important Value of being on a team and why:
              "I think the most important value to have on a team is laulima, or teamwork.  It seems ridiculous to say that, but it is true.  No matter how great one person is, the team will not succeed without cooperation and open communicaiton."

What do you offer a team and what is your strongest trait, either physically or mentally? 
              "I think I offer the team control.  I feel that whenever things aren't going our way or my teammates are going through mental or physical hardships, I am there to encourage them to get over the "bump in the road" and continue playing."