High Schools athletics play a major role in our school community and our island community, but sometimes, not everyone gets to see what's happening in even their own schools realm of sports. This website provides everyone with a little photojournalistic view into the sports here at Kamehameha Maui. The photos displayed in this website and the information you are being offered was retrieved through many hours of hard work.

     This website also offers students, at Kamehameha Maui, a foundation to keep an on-going photo-gallery for our High School Athletics Department, implementing both photography and journalism skills retrieved in their classes. Students could possibly continue this website as a means of promotion, giving their community access to the work thats hardly seen.

     Many local high school athletes have the potential to go into sports at the college level, and I feel with a little boost of support and encouragement, they will understand their place in the community, and realize that with the right motivation, they can make their dreams of "Making It Big" happen. The potential is there, and sometimes, all they need is that extra push to make it happen.